Artist Bios

Rene Aranzamendez holds a MFA and MLS from Rutgers University. He is senior editor for the archive department at Getty Images, where he works with historical libraries, museums, and photographers.

Greta Bahnemann is the Metadata Librarian for the Minnesota Digital Library at the University of Minnesota. In her life outside of work she enjoys hiking, kayaking and exploring the world of color and design in her award-winning quilts. 

Marta Chudolinska is a multidisciplinary artist with a primary interest in visual narrative, expressed through drawings, prints, books and comics. She is the Learning Zone Librarian at OCAD University, where she manages an experimental library space focused on peer learning, creativity and community building. You can view more of her work at 

Claire Dannenbaum is a librarian and artist in Eugene, Oregon. Her recent work explores the conceptual life of books. To see more of her work, please visit:

Marcie Farwell came to New York City to study architectural history and while you might catch her looking up to read dates on cornices, she now spends her time working deep in the lovely Rare and Manuscript Collection of Cornell University, researching her next art piece, and sewing said art piece into the wee hours of the night.  She is grateful to her mother and grandmother for teaching her how to wield a needle and thread and to her best friend Gania who taught her how to look for the story - skills that have been among the great joys of her life.  You can find more of her work at and

Laura Graveline is a practicing artist working in Vermont.  Her paintings explore color and emotion, and most recently, she has begun a new series of work using encaustic with oil paint and paraffin wax.  Laura is also the Visual Arts Librarian at Dartmouth College, and the Library Director for the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts.

Cynthia Gregory enjoys a dual career as a studio artist and an academic librarian as the Head of Electronic Resources at the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, OH.  As a studio artist, she has exhibited in galleries such as the Covington Carnegie Arts Center, Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center, and Budapest's Raday Kepeshaz Gallery.  In 2013 she was awarded an artist residency and grant from the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City, Nebraska. She holds a BA in English, a BFA in Fine Art, an MLS in Library Science, and in 2012 she completed an MFA from the University of Cincinnati's College of DAAP.  To view more of her work visit

Annette Haines is the Art & Design Field Librarian at the University of Michigan and an active member of ARLIS/NA and the ARLIS/NA Midstates Chapter. Her artistic work includes painting and printmaking. She is currently exploring issues of identity, loss and aging. Her personal art practice helps to fuel her interest in how creative engagement can move the Library beyond its traditional roles.

Elizabeth Hollenbeck is a practicing artist, writer, and scholar. She will receive her MLS this Spring 2014 from Texas Woman's University, where she has focused her studies on digital collections and archives for the purposes of research and preservation.

Peter Klubek has two art degrees from Southern Illinois University in addition to an MLIS, and is the current art librarian at Baton Rouge Community College. More of his work can be viewed at

Robert Lobe finds beauty, meaning and mystery in street level details to which people typically pay little attention.

“I like to imagine what those birds are thinking! I am intrigued with crows in particular, respecting them for their intelligence, cleverness, sociability and their place as the ‘trickster’ and ‘creator’ in mythology.  So, why not a Crow Bar? My new fascination is with printmaking while I’m enjoying a revisit to my childhood facility with collage as a primary medium”. –Marianne Sade

While earning a BFA in Writing for Publication from Pratt Institute, Kai Alexis Smith took advantage of the elective fine arts classes to refine her skills. She is a painter, photographer and enjoys working with mixing media. Kai graduated from Pratt SILS in May 2013 and is working towards becoming an academic librarian in the arts and humanities as well as creating new work. 

Gabriella Solti is a Hungarian-born Canadian artist whose art practice centers on prints, drawings, artist books, and labour. Her handmade limited edition letterpress books consider the book as an object to critically examine its history, its making, its usage, its content and its value. A winner of the prestigious Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada in 2010 in the limited edition category, she has exhibited in Canada, Japan, US, Germany, Italy and UK and her works are collected by museums and special collection libraries.

Hillary B. Veeder is the Public Services Librarian at the Texas Tech University Architecture Library. In her free-time she enjoys dabbling in oil painting and hopes to continue to learn and to explore the medium. At present, the majority of her subjects are canine and feline. She is most interested in capturing and portraying the perceived essence of her subjects, with some efforts being more successful than others.

Eric M. Wolf is Head Librarian at the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas.  When not at work or writing on the history of art and architecture, he can sometimes be found in his little woodshop in his backyard shed engaged in luthiery (the art of building stringed instruments); to date his AUK Custom Shop has built two instruments.